How does Gold Panning Work?

December 15, 2015 by wsadmin
Learn how Gold Panning works at Desert Outfitters Tours and pan gold yourself.

Learn how Gold Panning works at Desert Outfitters Tours and pan gold yourself.

Ever wonder how gold panning works? How people actually take gold right out of the soil? How it goes from under your feet to in your hand? Well we have a few answers for you here at Desert Outfitters, starting with our Gold Panning Tours.  And after a little instruction and understanding how gold panning works, it’s actually not to difficult to gold pan like a pro, you just need to know some basics and what you are looking for.  Learning about how sediment moves and settles in water is essential to being about to find gold in your pan. Of course it’s always better to work with a pro and get guidance in real time. But with some basic, we can teach you how to pan like a pro! From starting by classifying your dirt and liberating it in your pan we can sift together and start right away. Using a simple sifter we can knock out the big pieces and then use the pans and water to start to separate the gold from the sediment. Gold weighs more than dirt and rocks so by suspending the sediment in water, the gold will naturally fall to the bottom, this is what we call the liberating process. Where the gold is liberated to fall to the bottom. Be patient and don’t be too quick to move the material out of your pan, give the gold a chance to settle to the bottom.  As you use the water to wash over the top it will clear the light weight material out of the way and let you get closer to gold in the pan.

As you get down to the bottom, move the water around a little slower and let it do it’s job by carrying out the lightweight material. You’ll start to see the gold as shining color in your pan and you can separate them by floating it in water and finally use your gold guzzler bottle to suck up the gold pieces.  Once they are in your bottle you can squeeze them into your gold vial and store it safely to start your next pan. It may only be a few small pieces, but after a day of panning it will add up!

Our tours will put your hands right on the pans and rocks and who knows, you may even find a nice big gold nugget, it’s happened before!

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